IP- German artist Knut Reinhart presented the bust of the poet and philosopher Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe to the tomb of Hafez.

Iran PressIran news: The 15th day of 'Ordibehesht' in the Iranian calendar, which falls on May 5, has been designated as 'Shiraz Day' due to its historical and cultural importance and unique beauty. Special programs are held on the day every year.

In the ceremony this year, German artist Knut Reinhart said, "We should try to introduce Hafez and Goethe, two prominent figures in the history of world literature, to the world."

Reinhart said that Goethe's bust had traveled from Frankfurt, the birthplace of the German poet and philosopher, to Shiraz, the home of Hafez Shirazi.

Stating that Iran played a vital role in the life of the Germans, Mr. Reinhart added: "I have traveled to different parts of Iran, and in these trips, I have got familiar with the culture of the Iranian people. Iranians are well-educated, and Europeans can learn some customs and culture, such as hospitality, from Iranians.


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