Reza Fatemi-Amin

Tehran (IP) - The Minister of Interior and the Minister of Industry, Mines, and Trade of Iran discussed ways to stabilise prices and reduce inflation in the Iranian economy in a meeting with the governors.

Iran PressIran news: The Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Trade has tried to prevent the increase of prices by formulating a program based on the inclusion of producer prices on goods and commodities.

In this regard, Reza Fatemi-Amin said: "In the plan to reform the market structure, which started two months ago, the producer price has been emphasized."

Fatemi-Amin added: "According to this, goods and commodities in the market should reach the consumer with a 30% increase compared to the producer price, which in some goods and commodities has reduced prices."

Fatemi-Amin said: "6 steps have been developed to reform the market structure, three of which have been completed."

He added that the fourth stage of price reform would start on February 14th.

Ahmad Vahidi, Iran's Interior Minister, also said that reforming the market structure is an important step to improve the control system and help the Iranians, and expressed hope that the governors will succeed in controlling prices with the help of relevant officials.


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