Tehran (IP)- The President of the National Olympic Committee of Iran in a letter to his Chinese counterpart Jung Wengu, said the US boycott of the Winter Olympics promotes tyranny in the world.

Iran PressIran News: Reza Salehi Amiri, President of the National Olympic Committee of Iran, wrote the US diplomatic boycott on the Beijing Winter Olympics is a clear example of using the event as a tool to achieve goals, escalate tensions, and promote tyranny in the world.

Salehi Amiri wrote: "Diplomatic sanctions against the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are a hostile act and open intervention to weaken the Games, which shows the position of the United States and some of its allies to extend the boycott to the Winter Olympics.".

The head of Iran's National Olympic Committee also wrote in the letter: "The US' hostile and biased action shows that it is using the Olympics to damage and diminish the unity of nations."

The Beijing Winter Olympics is the third world event in 2022, held on February 4 in Beijing.

American athletes will still compete in the Winter Games, but it will refuse to send managers and diplomats accompanying the team under the pretext of human rights.


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