Abbas Badakhshan Zohoori, Iranian envoy to Armenia

Yerevan (IP) - Iranian envoy to Armenia stressed that the government of President Raisi is trying to improve relations with neighbors and pay more attention to Iranian abroad.

Iran PressIran News: Abbas Badakhshan Zohoori, Iran's ambassador to Armenia on Sunday in a meeting at Yerevan with Iranian students studying in Armenia universities, stressed: "Paying attention to better relations with Iranians abroad and neighbors is one of the important policies of Iran's government."

At the beginning of the meeting, Badakhshan Zohoori expressed his satisfaction with the reunion with the students and wished for a faster end to the Corona epidemic, expressing hope that the conditions would be created for more meetings with the students.

The Iranian ambassador to Armenia called the students one of the critical links between the two countries that can help them gain new experiences and international scientific exchange.

Badakhshan Zohoori also said that Iran's embassy in Yerevan is ready to receive the comments, suggestions, and problems of the Iranian students and will follow up on their issues.


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