Kazem Gharibabadi, Deputy for International Affairs of Iran's Judiciary

Tehran (IP) - Deputy for International Affairs of Iran's Judiciary says it will soon release the names of the US entities and individuals blacklisted due to human rights violations.

Iran PressIran news: Kazem Gharibabadi's announcement came as the US' recent sanctioning of some Iranian natural and legal persons under the pretext of human rights violation amid Vienna talks for lifting sanctions on Iran is underway.

"A regime that, according to UN experts and special rapporteurs, has unilaterally imposed illegal sanctions on the Iranian people and endangered the fundamental rights of Iranian citizens and denied patients' access to medicines and medical equipment, cannot claim to defend freedom and human rights," Gharibabadi said.

The US was accused of suppressing protesters and peaceful gatherings and must be held accountable to the world's general public over its police's brutal treatment of the American protesters, he added. 

According to human rights experts and rapporteurs, US police violence against the American community of color, especially the black people, reflects systematic and institutionalized racism.

The Iranian Human Rights top official highlighted the dire condition of the US jails, noting that the state of American prisons reflects the grave violation of prisoners' rights and the deplorable conditions of the prisons.


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