Tehran (IP) - The Presidents of Iran and Turkey, in a telephone conversation, stressed the need for serious cooperation in the economic field and fighting against terrorism.

Iran PressIran news: "The main way to fight terrorism is to respect the sovereignty of countries, and considering the brilliant history of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fight against terrorism, we welcome the cooperation of all countries in the fight against terrorism," President Ebrahim Raisi told his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday on the phone. 

Emphasizing the importance of Tehran-Ankara relations in the economic and trade fields, Raisi noted, "Soon, with the holding of a joint meeting in Tehran, the development of cooperation will enter a new phase." 

Referring to his recent meetings and consultations in the region, the Iranian President added, "We insist that the problems of the region must be resolved within the countries of the region and with the active participation of the regional countries, and there is no need for foreign intervention." 

Turkish President, for his part, stressed the importance of cooperation between the two countries, especially in the economic and security fields, and said that "The idea of cooperation has now prevailed among the countries of the region, and recent exchange of visits and consultations show its success." 

Erdogan further emphasized holding cooperation meetings between Tehran and Ankara and underscored that "The relations between the two countries will enter a new chapter after my future visit to Tehran."


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