Tehran (IP) - Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad, who arrived in Tehran on Sunday evening, will meet today with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian to discuss issues of mutual interest.

Iran PressCommentary: Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Bashar al-Jafari will accompany al- Mekdad on the trip.

The purpose of the visit is to focus on regional consultations, bilateral political-economic agreements, and strategic cooperation.

Iran and Syria have taken joint actions and achieved victories in the field of counter-terrorism, and are now drawing up a plan to develop relations during the post-war period.

In the current context, strengthening cooperation in the fields of industry, energy, ports, transportation, as well as accelerating the implementation of trade and banking agreements in order to counter the oppressive sanctions against the two countries is of strategic importance.

In this regard, last week, a special exhibition of Iran in Syria was held in Damascus with the participation of Iranian companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, machinery, shipping, water services, textiles, electronic services, technical engineering, and knowledge-based companies.

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Relations between Syria and Iran have now expanded and diversified, and there are clear prospects for the development of these relations in all areas. Syria has passed the main stage of the field war against this country. This war, however, inflicted heavy losses on this country. As the war and crisis subside, the Syrian government now needs the help of friendly and allied countries to rebuild the country.

As one of the most influential countries in the Axis of Resistance, Syria has been embroiled in a war imposed by the West and its regional allies since January 2011.

The war in Syria was aimed at disintegrating this country, which was defeated by resisting the pressures of the enemy. In fact, what aligns the foreign policy orientation of Tehran and Damascus in the current situation is the determination of the two countries to continue the resistance. This feature is one of the main axes in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria and strengthening relations between the two countries is based on this principle.

Tehran and Damascus are developing relations with this approach and in proportion to the level of these relations. The point that has helped to strengthen these relations and stability in positions is mutual trust, which strengthens the relations between the two countries in political, economic, trade, and in the face of security threats have promoted to the level of strategic relations. Iran and Syria stood together in the days when they needed each other's support, and now that the construction period has begun, Iran is on Syria's side.

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Hassan Hanizadeh, an expert on political issues, sees Tehran-Damascus relations from this strategic perspective, noting that Syria is currently in the process of transitioning from a breathtaking eight-year crisis to a new phase of construction. Due to its long experience in rebuilding war-torn cities, Iran can provide this experience to the Syrian government and people. At the same time, Iran's presence during the reconstruction period will bring many advantages and opportunities for Iranian economic and trade actors.

During his recent visit to Syria, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian stated that Tehran-Damascus relations are strategic, adding that Syria has gone through difficult times and the Islamic Republic of Iran will be active in flourishing relations between the two countries.

Written by: Jamshid Aminzadeh


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