Iran, Iraq to boost knowledge-based partnership

Tehran (IP) -The head of the economic department of the Iraqi administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran announced the expansion of the fields of cooperation of Iranian-based scholars with Iraq.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran Press, Javad Karimi, the head of the economic section of the Iraqi Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, said at the Sunday export event with the approach of accepting the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Trade and Technology Board: "Agriculture, Petro chemistry, Housing and Medical and pharmaceutical Services are among the areas and requirements of the Kurdistan region in which Iranian companies should be active."

Karimi added: "With joint production, Iran can enter the Arab world market; Because Iraq is the gateway for Iran to enter the Arab world, and this is the vision towards which we must move."

Emphasizing that it is very important for knowledge-based companies to cooperate with partners in the Iraqi Kurdistan region in priority areas, Karimi said: "At the construction industry exhibition pavilion held in Erbil, we saw that Iranian knowledge-based companies found good partners. This shows that there is good potential for cooperation."


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