Tehran (IP) - Chief-commander of Iran's Navy says the Navy aims to increase fleets' capacities and equip them with hi-tech knowledge.

Iran PressIran news: In an interview with Iran Press on the occasion of National Navy Day on November 28, Rear-Admiral Shahram Irani stated that stability and permanence at sea are two important issues of the navy tightly being pursued.

"Updating the equipment is on the agenda of the Navy so that we can be present at any time and in any water, where the Iranian Navy is needed," he said.

Regarding the importance of Iran's Navy in the region, the naval commander noted that when Iran attends international summits, most participants admit how difficult it is for the Islamic Republic's Navy to be at sea despite sanctions.

"When an Iranian Navy fleet is present at sea, it independently provides security, which indicates a very high level of its [Iranian Navy] effectiveness," he said.

"In places where Iran has a full presence and escorts its ships, I dare say that many foreign ships cross the border where Iran's navy is present, and this indicates the high power of the country's scientists and craftsmen," he pointed.

He also said that all over the world, a vessel is the sign of a country's territory with its flag hailing, so when Iran escorts 2,000 kilometers away and maintains security, it means that Iran's economic border is 2,000 kilometers away. 


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