At a meeting, the Iranian Ambassador to Russia and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister discussed important regional and international issues.

Iran PressEurope: Russia's Foreign Ministry in a statement on Friday said that Iran's ambassador Kazem Jalali had met with Deputy Foreign MinisterSergey Vershinin in Moscow and that the two sides discussed key aspects of Moscow-Tehran cooperation at the United Nations and on global and regional issues.

The Iranian ambassador to Moscow and the Russian deputy foreign minister discussed the settlement of disputes in the West Asian region with a focus on humanitarian and security issues.

The two sides agreed to increase their cooperation in the international community.

Iran and Russia are actively involved in the issues of the West Asian region, and the interaction between the two countries has yielded good results so far.

Cooperation between Tehran and Moscow, as well as Ankara in the framework of the Astana talks, has led to the political settlement of many Syrian issues and has brought peace and security to this country.

Iran and Russia have also been cooperating with Iraq and Syria in the framework of the Regional Counterterrorism Center in Baghdad. 219