France pushes back deadline for sanctions on Britain

France alleges Britain is not honouring a post-Brexit deal on access to fishing grounds.

Iran PressEurope: French President Emmanuel Macron said his government would be postponing implementation of sanctions on Britain over a fishing row until the end of Tuesday, giving both sides time to discuss fresh proposals to resolve the dispute.

France alleges Britain is not honoring a post-Brexit deal on access to fishing grounds. The row began to heat up when France seized a British trawler for fishing in its territorial waters without a license in October.

France said that it would retaliate by stepping up checks on trucks coming from Britain and barring British trawlers from docking in French ports. 

However, he ruled out the application of sanctions at this time because of the current negotiation.

"Since this afternoon, discussions have resumed on the basis of a proposal I made to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The talks need to continue," Macron told reporters on the sidelines of the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow.

"We'll see where we are tomorrow at the end of the day, to see if things have really changed," he added.

Britain welcomed Macron's announcement, with Brexit minister David Frost saying he had accepted an offer from French Europe Minister Clement Beaune to meet.


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