Abuja (IP) - Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife, Malama Zeenah Ibrahim, have separately approached the Federal High Court in Abuja to challenge the seizure of their international passports by the Department of State Services and the Attorney General of the Federation.

Iran PressAfrica: Sheikh Zakzaky and Malama Zeenah Ibrahim told the court that their passports were last seen in possession of the National Intelligence Service (NIA), which has officially denied its possession.

Subsequent to this the duo had since declared their passports lost. However, upon attempting to renew the passports through the immigration department, it was revealed that the DSS had flagged their passports. All official requests to the DSS to remove the restriction have since then been ignored. 

They asked the court to compel the two Respondents to release the passports to them or lift the 'Red Flag' Restrictions on their passports. And enforce their fundamental rights to freedom of movement and an order of perpetual injunction stopping the Respondents from further harassment and intimidating behavior.

They also requested the court to mandate the respondents to pay the sum of Two Billion Naira as general and exemplary damages for the violation of the Applicant's rights to freedom of movement, fair hearing, and property.

They said in the absence of any court order, the seizure of the passports by the Respondents constituted a threat to their life since they have denied them the opportunity to seek urgent medical attention outside the country as recommended by their Physicians.


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