Tehran (IP) – Today, Iran's missile capability is considered indigenous knowledge.

Iran PressIran news: The Qader anti-ship cruise missile is made in Iran, which has significantly increased the coastal and anti-ship attack capability of the Armed Forces.


The Qader missile is an anti-ship cruise missile, the sea-based type of which was first unveiled on September 22, 2011, during the Army's Strategic Naval drills.

On September 25, 2013, the then Minister of Defense, Hossein Dehqan, unveiled the Qader Air Cruise Missiles. The long-range coast-to-sea missile is used against surface vessels at sea.


Qader can be considered a relatively light cruise missile that moves at low altitudes and has high accuracy.

The Noor missile has the same features as the Qader missile, but the Noor missile has a medium-range while Qader is a long-range missile. Both missiles are used against surface targets, and their special feature is precision.

The warhead and body shape of the Qader missile are similar to those of the Noor missile. Both missiles use identical systems with similar initial launch auxiliary boosters.

Qader's warhead is of the high explosives type, which can penetrate ships' armor with delayed fuses.

Qader has been built in two types of naval and airborne and has a high destructive power against coastal targets and warships.

Flying at low altitudes and countering enemy vessels and coastal equipment with very low radar cross-sections, high-precision navigation system, the ability to avoid jamming signals, the ability to program the missile before firing, advanced radar with electronic warfare capability, preparing and reacting rapidly to attack coastal targets and floating targets, and the ability to launch from land, sea, and air, are features of the Qader Cruise Missile.

The missile is capable of electronic warfare, and its targeting power is very high. The missile also uses a Digital Auto Pilot (DAP) that adjusts its flight path to the target and ensures it hits the target.

The "Qader" missile guidance system is based on an active internal radar; thus, the anti-ship cruise missile is capable of superior guidance and control, which is better and more accurate than other anti-ship cruise missiles in the world.

Other features of this missile include the ability to be installed on aircraft such as the Mil 17 helicopter and the F4 Phantom fighter, making it more accurate and faster in destroying targets.


Length: 740 cm

Diameter: 36 cm

Speed: Mach 0.9

Range: about 300 km

Cap weight: 200 kg

Flight altitude: 20 to 30 meters above sea level with the ability to fly at an altitude of 3 to 5 meters of water in the final stage of approaching the target.


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