Rome (IP) – Alitalia, Italy's largest airline, dissolved after 75 years of activity.

Iran PressEurope: Alitalia Airlines made its last flight on Friday night and ended its activity forever.

Alitalia was dissolved after nearly 75 years due to the economic crisis and financial problems, and ITA has bought Alitalia for 90 million Euros.

At least 8,000 of Alitalia's 11,000 employees lost their jobs. ETA is said to have hired more than 2,000 Alitalia employees.

Italian Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti had previously stated that Alitalia was a completely bankrupt company and could no longer be saved.

Hundreds of Alitalia employees recently gathered on a central street in Rome to demand preventing the company from being dissolved.

The new carrier, in which the government will invest 1.35 billion euros over three years, will start with 52 jets and 2,800 employees, compared with around 110 aircraft and a workforce of 10,000 for Alitalia.

However, Alitalia's legacy of high costs, mismanagement, and heavy political and trade union influence may be hard for ITA to shrug off.


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