Head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) said that the Eurasia region countries comprise the priority of Iran’s foreign trade, and among Eurasian countries, Russia and Kazakhstan have special positions.

Ali Reza Peyman-Paak, in a meeting with the deputy Kazakh Minister for Trade and Cooperation Qyrat Turbayev here in Tehran, referred to the different and serious approach of the new Iranian government in trade ties with regional countries and neighbors, saying, "This issue is not only announced by the Industries Ministry but also repeatedly stressed by the president in his election campaign."

"The low bilateral trade volume is not appropriate with the objectives of the two sides and increasing the trade volume is the most important objective in line with improving the bilateral trade ties, which calls for both sides’ strong will" he added.

For his part, Qyrat Turbayev said that Kazakhstan is pursuing the regional development objective, adding: "The Corona pandemic led to imitations that blocked pursuing the objectives of both sides' planned programs."

"Keeping in mind the status of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO), as the regulator of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign trade we tried to eliminate the obstacles in the way of bilateral cooperation in collaboration with Iranian officials during this visit," he stated.