Italy (IP): The 52nd course of Persian language and literature is the 5th online course started by the Cultural Institute of Iran in Rome.

Iran PressEurope: Mohammad Taghi Amini, Iran's cultural attaché in Rome, said at the beginning of the first session of the course, "Teaching Persian language and introducing the culture of Iran to Italian students are the most important activities of the Cultural Institute of Iran in Rome."

Stating the Cultural Institute of Iran in Rome is the most prestigious Persian language training center in the country, Amini added, "Language is one of the important tools for communication and transmission of culture between different nations."

Since it was impossible for Italians interested in learning Persian to attend in Cultural Institute due to the coronavirus, so the classes were held virtually.

The course aims to introduce one of the leading Central and Western Asian languages ​​whose great importance is linked to its great historical-cultural tradition and its status as an official language, in its different varieties, in strategically important countries on the scenario international like Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Tajikistan.

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The course is held by the mother tongue teacher, takes place online, and consists of 15 hours of lessons for each level divided into ten classes of 90 minutes once a week.

The course is divided into

1-Elementary 1:

Reserved for students who do not know the alphabet, word composition, sentence order

2-Elemaneatre 2:

It is reserved for students who know the alphabet, word compositions, the conjugation of the verb to be and to have, to understand, and the use of everyday expressions and essential phrases.

3-Middle Level 1:

Reserved for students who possess the ability of discrete reading and writing, elementary and everyday communications require a simple exchange of information on familiar and common topics. They can describe in simple terms the aspects of daily life, of the surrounding environment; knowing how to express immediate needs., Conjugations in the indicative present and simple past.

4-Middle Level2:

Reserved for students who possess the ability to read and write and understand the main ideas of texts on concrete and abstract topics. They can explain a point of view on a subject by giving the pros and cons of the various options., Sufficient knowledge of grammar and conjugations of verbs in the present + simple past + future + imperfect.

5-Advanced Level 1:

Reserved for students with good reading and writing skills and the ability to express themselves fluently and naturally.

The use of the language flexibly and effectively for social, professional, and academic purposes, listening to the colloquial speech, complete knowledge of grammar.

6- Advanced Level 2:

Reserved for students who have passed the four language skills of an excellent level. Easily understand practically everything they hear and read. Summarize information from different sources, both spoken and written, prepare the topics in a coherent presentation.


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