Raisi urges acceleration of Shiraz-Bushehr railway project

Bushehr (IP) - Iranian President in a field visit to Shiraz-Bushehr-Assaluyeh railway emphasized that his government is determined to accelerate the completion and launch of the railway project in southern Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: President Ebrahim Raisi, on Friday in a field visit aimed at removing obstacles to completing the Shiraz-Bushehr-Assaluyeh railway, said: "The project managers should redouble their efforts to complete and launch this railway.

The President reminded that "it is necessary to jump start the process of completing the railway," stressed: "We are determined to accelerate the completion and launch of the Shiraz-Bushehr-Assaluyeh railway project."

Raisi noting that the credits of this project must be included in next year's budget, added that there must be serious efforts to complete the assignments.

The President emphasized that "We in the government are determined to follow up and finalise the projects in the province that have not been completed. " 

During the visit of President Raisi, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development and local officials presented a report on the latest status of the construction of the Shiraz-Bushehr-Assaluyeh railway.

Railways between Shiraz, Bushehr, and Assaluyeh extend for 630 kilometers, which passes mountainous areas.

Expansion of railways network in the country is one of the government's strategies, and railways between Shiraz, Bushehr, and Assaluyeh is one of the government's priorities.

Connection of ports of Bushehr and Assaluyeh will be necessary to boom Bushehr's commercial position.


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