Tehran(IP) - Jihad and Agriculture Minister says that the first thing to do is to remove barriers of production and to support exports. stability

Iran PressIran news: Sadatinejad stated that country's foreign credit should not be questioned or damaged when a producer signs an export contract he should not have problems in its activity.

Javad Sadatinejad, Iranian Jihad, and Agriculture Minister, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the sidelines of Industries and Mines Commission's meeting on Sunday, said: "Regarding exports, we have considered stability, by stoping the momentary bans and the immediate entry of goods from Costums, since the ban was the main reason which causes the country's economy to become inflamed."

Export should be controlled perfectly, so he said that stability in the field of tariffs, imports, and exports would be one of the issues that have been tried to be organized in foreign trade.

To realize the 'Surge in Production' slogan in agriculture, detailed programs are being considered in the Ministry of Agriculture, Sadatinejad asserted.

He said: "The first thing to do is to remove barriers of production and ease off issuing licenses in agriculture, greenhouse construction, animal livestock."

Javad Sadatnejad pointed out that some agricultural problems are included in the plan proposed in the parliament on September 12.

 Also, to reduce bureaucracy and make decisions in the center of production, a council called 'agricultural support and removal of production barriers' will be formed in the cities, said the minister.


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