Tabas (IP) - Iran's President said that Iranians have shown that they turn threats into opportunities.

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi arrived in Tabas city in South Khorasan province on his third provincial trip on Friday.

The Ministers of Interior, Roads and Urban Development and Industry, Mines and Trade, the Head of the Plan and Budget Organisation, the President's Chief of Staff, and the Executive Vice President accompany Raisi on his visit to South Khorasan Province.

Speaking on Friday morning upon arrival in the city, President Raisi stated: "Mines are one of the valuable resources of this province that if activated, the problem of employment, the problem of production and production prosperity, and economic problems will be solved."

The President mentioned the issue of agriculture as another important issue in the province and added: "Due to the lack of rainfall in this region, people's agriculture has faced problems, but the people of these areas have shown that they turn threats into opportunities."

Raisi stated that the purpose of provincial trips is to look into the problems and shortcomings of the province and decide to solve them with the participation of the people and managers of the province, adding: "We have valuable human resources, especially young ones in South Khorasan province, and with the help of whom the government will be able to take steps to solve the problems of the province."

The president emphasized solving water shortage issues in the country with special emphasis and the government pursues short-term and long-term solutions, including transferring water from the Oman Sea. "Special measures are on the agenda in this regard."


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