Iran (IP) - The Deputy Commander of Iran's Army Air Defense for Operation reported the successful testing of the 'Mersad 16' missile system, carried out in Iran's Dasht-e Kavir.

Iran PressIran news: On Tuesday, Brigadier-General Mohammad Khosh-Ghalb said that the 'Mersad 16' missile system was fully home-made, equipped with new technologies for countering electronic war and conflicting simultaneously with several hostile targets. 

He said that for the first time, Mersad 16 missile system was controlled by the integrated defense network, detecting and destroying the targets from the command center.   

According to General Khosh-Ghalb, the defense system enjoys high mobility and agility and can intercept high-speed targets in low altitudes, including all types of cruise missiles.

It also instantaneously intercepts any hostile target at any altitude, as he said.


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