News sources reported that a representative delegation from the Taliban group attended at Afghanistan Presidential Palace to talk about the transition of the power process peacefully.

Iran PressAsia: Taliban's Spokesman told Iran Press on Sunday that the group would not attack Kabul and that people are getting their basic goods and shelters. 

The streets of the Afghan capital were crowded with heavy traffic on Sunday as the Taliban advanced and entered Kabul.

Taliban's Spokesman said they are talking with the Afghan government for a "peaceful surrender" of Kabul.

Also, the country's interior minister has been quoted as saying the government will hand over control of the city to the group peacefully.

Based on some reports, the Taliban forces intended to capture Kabul from its western borders to control the city's district 18, but they faced the Afghan security forces' resistance. 

Meanwhile, a Taliban official has told Reuters: "We don't want a single, innocent Afghan civilian to be injured or killed as we take charge. But we have not declared a ceasefire."

He told the group's fighters to refrain from violence in the capital, but sporadic gunfire has been heard.

The leader said Taliban fighters should allow safe passage to anyone who wants to leave the city.


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