Commentary (IP) - The Israeli regime is now pursuing Iranophobia by baseless allegations, accusing the Islamic Republic of Iran of attacking a ship in the Oman Sea; it seems that the main reason behind Israel's recent Iranophobia is fear of the future.

Iran PressMiddle East: A few days ago, news sources reported an attack on a ship in the Oman Sea near the territorial waters of Oman, which was said to have been owned by an Israeli billionaire.

After the attack, the Israeli regime and their media reacted to the incident with unprecedented controversy, hence it is likely that the attack was fabricated.

Israeli officials reacted immediately. Minister of War, Bani Gantz, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, Aviv Kochavi, the Joint Chief of Staff, and finally Naftali Bennett, the Israeli Prime Minister, each hastily accused the Islamic Republic of Iran and once again made baseless claims against Iran.

Behind the suspicious events that are taking place in the waters of the region these days, it seems that scenarios have been designed with the aim to increase the credibility of the Israeli regime among the countries and nations of the region and the world. Because since the 12-day war in Gaza that ousted Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet, the new regime's cabinet has not been successful at home.

If this incident had not been a pre-planned scenario, this attack would have caused the Israeli regime unprecedented panic. Because it happened while the American military equipment and satellites, especially its fifth naval fleet in Bahrain, as well as its naval patrols and ships in the region, oversee all developments in the region, and the occurrence of such an attack is, in fact, an intelligence failure of the Americans and Israelis.

The Israeli regime, which itself launched the attacks and naval aggression on the Islamic Republic of Iran ships, is now terrified of possible reactions and the naval power of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And, the reason is that according to media data, 85 to 95% of the regime's imports come from the sea, and in fact, ‌the economy of this regime is the maritime economy. If threatened, the regime's economy will collapse. Therefore, a person whose house is made of glass should not throw stones at the neighbors' house.

Another point is that the Israeli regime's cabinet is terrified of the possibility of collapse these days. In this regard, we can refer to yesterday's remarks of Naftali Bennett in the Knesset, who attacked the former Prime Minister, describing his policies towards Iran as failed.

He stressed that Netanyahu's differences with Jordan have not been fruitful, pointing to the fact that his policies have strengthened the missile capability of the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance.

In response to the baseless claims of Israel, Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Saeed Khatibzadeh on Monday emphasized that the Israel projections will not solve the problems the regime has been facing.

It should be said that the Israeli authorities, out of fear of defeat and overthrow, have turned to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Another point is that the occasional encroachment of the Israeli regime on the Syrian territory is not fruitful for this regime. Still, it has been defeated because, in the latest of these attacks on the Al-Qusair area near Homs, all its missiles were thwarted by Syrian air defense systems.

The Israeli regime is now pursuing Iranophobia by baseless allegations so that during Bennett's next visit to the United States, he can persuade Joe Biden administration to provide advanced weapons and military equipment and to make up for the failure at home and in the region by inciting Europe, the United States, and the region against Iran in the international community.


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