Saint Petersburg (IP) - Russian Defense Ministry, as a symbolic action that shows the importance of Iran's strategic partnership with Russia, handed over the Russian President's special military vessel to the Iran Navy Commander.

Iran PressEurope: Iran Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi use the vessel to sail from Saint Petersburg port to the board of Makran big ship to join the Iranian navy who took part in the parade of the Russian Navy on Sunday.

Handing over this vessel to Iran's Navy Commander is important because Vladimir Putin uses this vessel on Sunday during a Russian naval parade.

Rear Admiral Khanzadi, Commander of the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, sailed on Putin's special vessel to Arrive in the Gulf of Finland 35 miles away from the port of St. Petersburg to meet the navy-based in the Makran Ship.

Makran logistic Ship because of the big size cant attend in Saint Petersburg and left alone Sahand Destroyer and harbored at the entrance of the Volga Canal where it joined the Parade of Russian Navy.


The presence of navy in the Atlantic Ocean is based on measures of the leader

The Commander of the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran considered the presence of Sahand and Makran ships in the Atlantic Ocean based on the measures of the leader of the Islamic revolution.

"These ships entered strategic areas in the world on this long journey that has never been seen before," Rear Admiral Khanzadi said on the board of the Makran Logistic Ship.  

The Commander of the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, noting that the great movement of Iranian ships began three months ago and had reached the Gulf of Finland and the waters of St. Petersburg, added: "This success means opening the gates of the North Sea and Finland to the army fleet of the Islamic Republic of Iran,."

The Makran ship, in the form of the 75th fleet, has supported and accompanied the Sahand destroyer on this long journey.  

Makran harbored at the entrance of the Volga Canal and joined the ceremony at the same place due to the limitations of the naval parade site, including the shallow depth and size of the ship.


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