IP- Chinese Foreign Minister said Saturday that the US needs a "tutorial" on treating other countries equally, marking his latest criticism of US foreign policy as aggressive and undermining global peace efforts.

Iran PressAsia: According to Newsweek, Wang Yi said Washington should realize that no country is superior to others and that US officials should realize that Beijing will not be talked down to.

As Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, his remarks are set to visit Tianjin today, making her the highest-ranking US official to set foot in China since the Biden administration took the White House in January.

Earlier this year, Wang stirred controversy by saying the US is "not qualified" to talk from a "position of strength," after Secretary of State Antony Blinken used the phrase to describe the Biden administration's approach to China.

His latest critical remarks came during round-table talks with Pakistani diplomats in China's Sichuan Province yesterday.

Wang said if the US is unprepared to treat other countries equally, then China and the international community are responsible for teaching the US a lesson on diplomacy.


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