Baghdad (IP): Iraqi Prime Minister stressing Iran's serious role in securing Iraq's needs for electricity and gas said that the mechanism of paying Iran's debts is in the process of being resolved.

Iran PressMiddle East: "Iran has always been committed to exporting electricity and gas to Iraq, but this summer, due to special circumstances of hot weather, the country's domestic electricity consumption has risen sharply and inevitably electricity exports to Iraq have decreased.," Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi told Al-Hadath.

Referring to the fact that Iran has a high demand for Iraq in the field of gas exports and that Iraq cannot pay this debt in dollars due to sanctions against Iran, al-Kazemi added that for the very same reason, it has a joint mechanism with the Iranian government to remove these obstacles.

"We reached and signed a memorandum of understanding to schedule the payment of these debts, and this mechanism is in the process of being resolved.", stated the Iraqi Prime Minister.

The Iraqi Prime Minister also said that Iraq has sovereignty, special characteristics, and conditions. All parties must understand these special conditions of Iraq and know that Iraq should not become an arena for conflict.


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