Tehran (IP) – Afghanistan's elites and intellectuals will consciously and vigilantly thwart the conspiracies of the enemies and foreigners, the advisor to the Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution says.

Iran PressIran news: Ali-Akbar Velayati, a senior advisor to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening, emphasized the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the great nation of Afghanistan in the path of peace, security, and development.

Speaking on Monday at a webinar on "Afghanistan, Peace and Sustainable Security," Velyati pointed out that the history of Afghanistan has been full of courage and resistance of the people against the colonialists and hegemons from the time of the Red Army attack to the resistance against the US and NATO occupation.

The official added that the people of Afghanistan have always stood against any aggression and extravagance and have defeated the military of the East and the West, which were armed to the teeth.

Criticizing the US approach to Afghanistan's military invasion, 20 years of occupation, sending hundreds of thousands of troops and billions of dollars in budgets, the leader's advisor added: "Instead of bringing development and prosperity to Afghanistan, the United States committed many crimes and atrocities in this country."

Despite the initial illusions, the United States leaves the glorious country of Afghanistan with shame and humiliation, he stressed, adding: "The US is trying to sow discord among the honorable people of Afghanistan with evil provocations, but the elites and intellectuals of Afghanistan, knowing their sinister intentions, will thwart these conspiracies."

The webinar entitled "Afghanistan, Peace and Sustainable Security" was held by the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening in the presence of various Afghan and international groups and parties influential in the Afghan peace process.


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