Tehran (IP) - Director general of West Asia at Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Intra-Afghan talks are the solution to the crisis.

Iran PressIran news: Noting that the civil war in Afghanistan must be prevented, Rasoul Mousavi stressed that the Afghan factions must carry out the peace talks. 

Mousavi added that Iran intended to mediate between Afghan groups about four years ago, but the US did not allow this to happen. 

Regarding the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Iranian diplomat pointed; what is going on in Afghanistan results from the definite defeat of the US in Afghanistan.

The US attacked Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting terrorism and tested its various weapons on the Afghan people for 20 years, yet it suffered defeat, he added.

Ever since the Americans realized their military defeat, they have tried to turn the failure into a kind of political escape, raising the issue of withdrawal from Afghanistan and starting negotiations with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, and rescued themselves, he added.

"Although the Americans had a strategic security pact with the Afghan government, they negotiated unilaterally with the country's armed opposition, the Taliban, and unfortunately caused the current trend," he concluded.


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