Iran produces coronavirus genes-mutations diagnosis kit

Tehran (IP) - Iranian experts managed to develop a new generation of coronavirus diagnosis kits capable of diagnosing the genome and mutation of the coronavirus simultaneously.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iranian researcher Hamze Choobin, the new diagnosis kit detects three regions of the virus genome; Therefore, the kit is more sensitive than existing kits. 

Previously produced coronavirus diagnosis kits were able to detect two regions of the virus, which used to diagnose the presence of the coronavirus in a sample, ha said.

The new kit, he added, was the first kit that, in addition to detecting three genes of the virus in an experimental sample, was also capable of detecting the type of the coronavirus mutation (including African, Brazilian, British, and Indian variants).

Diagnosis of the type of virus is not very important clinically and only the prevalence of these viruses differs, but the use of this kit in prevention and national programs in controlling this disease is very useful.

According to the expert, the diagnosis of the virus variant is not very important but the kit is highly applicable in controlling the coronavirus disease in prevention programs at the national level.

The new kit is the first one developed in Iran and the West Asian region.


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