IP- The office of Shaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky congratulated Iranians for coming out in large number to elect Ebrahim Raisi, who has become the eighth elected president of the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1979 revolution.

Iran PressIran news: "Iran has indeed been subjected to countless crippling sanctions by arrogant powers, but with strong institutions and unity, Iran has been able to survive and come out stronger than ever," the tweet reads.

"The election of Ebrahim Raisi is a testimony that the Iranians are united and are ready to rally behind their leaders in times of adversities, and resistance has proven to be the best tool that can protect people and their national pride," the office said.

"We hope Iran under the stewardship of Ebrahim Raisi, would play more roles in offering supports to the oppressed people all over the world including the detained Shaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky who has been in detention for almost six years," the office noted.


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