Tehran (IP)- Iranian Anti-Narcotics Police Chief criticizes some countries' double-standards approach toward countering drug smuggling while acknowledging Iran as the only flag-bearer of counter-narcotics endeavour.

Iran PressIran news: In response to a question of Iran Press in a Tuesday press conference, Brigadier-General Majid Karimi said Iran's fight against narcotics was in the interest of the Western countries, but they boycott the police of the Islamic Republic of Iran in selling and buying equipment to and from other countries.

Even though the UN Secretary-General acknowledged Iran's commendable actions in the fight against drug trafficking, another problem with some Western countries was that they did not provide Iran with the intelligence about the traffickers and claimed that Iran imposes severe penalties on these individuals. Still, in cyberspace, they trumpet that drug smuggled to those countries from Iran, General Karimi said.

According to the Police chief, last year, joint operations against the drug-trafficker countries, including the UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, Turkey, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain, were successful.

General Karimi stated that 76% of the drugs imported last year were discovered and confiscated in the eastern borders of Iran, adding that 1,010 tons of various types of narcotics were discovered, which increased 24% compared to last year.

He concluded that the basic approach of Iran's Anti-Narcotics Police was to develop information in the area and use the skills of knowledge-based companies, virtual news gathering, and the technical ability of experts.


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