Rouhani appreciates elections staff, organizers' hard efforts

Tehran (IP) - In a message, Iran’s President thanked all the staff and the organizers involved in holding the 2021 elections and said that he always has supported this meaningful and hopeful movement of the nation.

Iran PressIran news: Hassan Rouhani's message reads: "We thank God that he assisted once again the great nation of Iran with a sense of duty, understanding the current situation and especially following the instructions of the Leader and Marajs in one of the most sensitive historical periods, created a great and exhilarating epic and displayed a glorious manifestation of religious democracy before the eyes of the world."

The President said: "I always support this meaningful and hopeful movement of the nation, and I appreciate every individual of the nation, groups, and political parties who in this national event were a source of the pride of the system and the despair of the enemies."

Rouhani noted: "I consider it necessary to appreciate the continuous and uninterrupted efforts of all staff and those involved in holding the 13th presidential election and the 6th election of Islamic city and rural councils, especially the Ministry of Interior, Guardian Council, election headquarters, executive boards, law enforcement, and security forces in securing the polling stations, governors, and other executive officials who held this important and crucial election in complete health and safety and accordance with health protocols.”

In this message, he stated: "I also thank the members of the media and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Broadcasting who have long made great efforts to inform and encourage more participation and Ask God Almighty for happiness, pride, and prosperity to all on the path to achieving brilliant ideals of the Islamic Revolution."


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