Vienna (IP) - Russian Permanent Representative in Vienna welcomed the financial mechanism to facilitate trade with Iran, which the US President demanded.

Iran PressEurope: Mikhail Ulyanov expressed Russia's welcoming the financial plan in a Thursday tweet and said: "However the Swiss channel, now useful, will, hopefully, became redundant soon." 

Ulyanov wrote: "If the Vienna Talks achieve a positive outcome, Iran will be able to use its money by its own will using regular channels as a result of sanctions lifting."

The Russian envoy wrote the tweet in response to a question over Biden's comments that the US support for the acceleration of financial transaction for purchasing Iran's goods through the financial mechanism.     

"The Vienna Talks consist of numerous meetings in different formats-bilateral, trilateral, with Iran and without the US, with the US and without Iran, etc.," Ulyanov tweeted in another post.

 "Today, once again, we compared our notes with Iranian colleagues," the tweet reads.

In his latest tweet on Sunday, Ulyanov wrote that the agreement on the possible revival of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) would be within reach.

"Fully agree that we can’t expect the finalization of the ViennaTalks in the days to come," he concluded.


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