On the second day of the Asian Club Championship 2021, Iran's Shahid Shameli Ground Force's handball team was defeated by Al-Salmiya of Kuwait.

Iran PressMiddle East: In this game and from group A, the representative of Iran was defeated by its powerful rival with a result of 24-30. 

The matches are held in Saudi Arabia and Shahid Shameli team was also defeated in its first game by the Saudi Modher team, 27-30. 

The head coach of Shahid Shameli handball team Azad Manjiri said in an interview with Iran Press in the competitions, the time intervals between the games were small, and Iranian handball players, who were young, did not have enough time to refresh.

"In this tournament, we have strong rivals ahead, but we will try to get the necessary points to climb," he added. 

These competitions are held in two groups and the Kerman Copper Industry team is another representative of Iran in Asian club handball, which managed to win over Yemen in Group B, 37-19 on Saturday.

Kerman Copper Industry team will face Al-Kuwait in its next game. 


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