President decries denying administration's achievements

Tehran (IP) - Emphasizing that we should not allow false and unreasonable attributes to the government to remain unanswered, the Iranian President said his administration would be held accountable for its actions with courage.

Iran PressIran news: Hassan Rouhani in the 232nd meeting of the Economic Coordination Headquarters of the administration, which was held on Sunday, referring to unrealistic and false issues raised in the election debates, added: "Denying the obvious achievements of the administration in the fight against economic sanctions and the coronavirus is the strategy of the Iranian opposition, and this is not only undermining the system and the country as a whole but also undermining the people and the decisive vote of the majority of society."

The President added: "When we invite everyone to participate in the election, we should not insult the people's vote and achievement. It is the national duty of all officials to defend their glorious record of resistance by stating great achievements during the maximum pressure of the enemies and the imposition of economic war.

Rouhani has emphasized that his administration does not stutter both in expressing honors and achievements and results of activities and accountability and in apologizing for its shortcomings and will be accountable for its actions with courage.

He said that all government officials at various levels are obliged to answer for the ambiguities and accusations that have been made against the administration's performance, adding that the government, relying on enlightenment and transparency as an accepted principle in successful governance, is open and has spoken and will speak openly, transparently and honestly to the people, and we must not allow false accusations to go unanswered.


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