Tehran (IP) – Four technological water projects have been unveiled with the attendance of the Vice President for Science and Technology, in Tehran on Saturday. Sorena Sattari says Vice Presidency Office aim is to develop knowledge-based companies to operate on an international scale in various fields.

Iran PressIran News: The projects include "Development of technical knowledge and indigenization of silicon carbide ceramic membrane", "Indigenization of cameras with specific temperature ranges in 8-14 and 200,000 ", "Development of technical knowledge and indigenization of brackets and cages for fish farming in the sea" and  "Potable water supply to Aliabad, Arabi and Haj Noshad districts in Bushehr province using reverse electrodialysis (EDR) desalination device" which has been developed with the support of the Vice President Office for Science and Technology.

To produce standard drinking water from saline water (surface and groundwater), reverse electrodialysis water desalination systems are used in the world.

In this method, electricity is used to direct the ions in the water to remove them from the main water flow. 

The recovery rate of at least 90 to 95%, no use of complementary chemicals during the desalination process, and also very low energy consumption are the advantages of reverse electrodialysis.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Vice President for Science and Technology stated that one of the important areas of activity for Science and Technology is water.  

Due to the special ecosystem and geographical conditions of the country in the world, Iran has a high capacity for water, which unfortunately has not been neglected, Sattari said.

Sattari noted that to desalinate water various approaches are implemented according to the local conditions of the country one of which is the Nano system, which is unparalleled and unique in the world and its costs are very low, although it has limitations.

Highlighting ceramic membranes being indigenized in the country which greatly reduces the costs, Sattari added that the required filters in the traditional technology for desalination of water, are no longer needed to be imported to the country, and they are right now have been produced in the country.

In response to Iran Press, Sorena Sattari stated: "We have serious problems in the field of water; the number of knowledge-based companies in this field is limited, so the Vice President Office for Science and Technology is seriously following-up to activate the private sectors."

"Sanctions have caused serious problems for companies and have greatly reduced their effectiveness, one of which is the water sector," he noted.

"Iran should develop its technologies due to its unique special ecosystem and its climatic and geographical conditions, which are less common in other countries," he said. 

"To desalinate water, Iran has achieved promisingly innovative results that have both reduced costs and eliminated pollutants," he concluded.

Four technological water projects have been unveiled in the presence of the vice president for science and technology in Tehran on June 12.


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