Iran's Envoy in UN says:

New York (IP) - Iran's Permanent Representative to the United Nations has criticized the Biden administration for continuing the "failed policy of maximum pressure", calling the cessation of economic terrorism against the Iranian people a major test for Washington.

Iran PressAmerica: Majid Takht-Ravanchi on Friday at a meeting of the UN General Assembly, which was held to review the annual report of the Security Council, explained Iran's position on some developments in West Asia in 2020 and measures related to the Security Council.

He said that in the first days of 2020, when the United States, in a terrorist act ordered by the President of this country, martyred the heroes of the anti-terrorist regions, including Lt. Gen Soleimani, and a few days later, the President of the United States threatened to attack 52 places including cultural sites of Iran, the Security Council imposed a deadly silence.

Iran's permanent representative to the United Nations added: "Of course, in the same year, when the United States presented a draft resolution to impose an arms embargo on Iran, 13 members of the Security Council categorically rejected it."

Takht-Ravanchi noted: "After that when that country tried to activate the so-called trigger mechanism against Iran, the same 13 members of the council rejected the US action and announced that by withdrawing from JCPOA, the US lost any right to use the snapback mechanism. The data and its claim in this regard are illegitimate and have no legal, political or practical effect.

He added: "The claim of the current US administration to change its policy towards JCPOA is just a matter of words, and in practice, the policy of US maximum pressure against Iran continues so that even if Iran uses its financial resources abroad, it will not be able to import medicine either."

Iran's permanent representative to the United Nations added: "Although the ongoing nuclear talks in Vienna are the first step in assessing the genuinity of the US real political will to return to the JCPOA, the real test will be when it is proven that the US has changed course and abandoned its failed policy of maximum pressure and stopped its economic terrorism against Iran."

"Unfortunately, the Security Council is just watching," he said, referring to the continuing occupation of Palestine, the inhumane siege of Gaza, and the Israeli regime's atrocities in killing civilians and destroying schools, houses, and hospitals in Gaza in the recent 12-day war.

He also criticized the Security Council's indifference to the US occupation of parts of Syria and its failure to prevent killings and destruction in Yemen by the occupiers.


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