Berlin (IP) - Demonstrators came to the streets in Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig and several other German cities on Saturday to show their support for the Palestinian people.

Iran Press/Europe: Thousands of people joined the demonstrations in Germany against Israel's bombardment of Gaza. There were some isolated clashes with police reported in Berlin. Similar protests took place in several cities worldwide, Deutsche Welle reported.

Police counted more than 2,500 people in Frankfurt on Saturday afternoon after a court overturned the city's attempt to block a protest on the grounds that bans can only be declared once "milder means," such as rules imposed on the demonstrators, have been exhausted.

Opposing protests were also happening in Leipzig's city center on Saturday afternoon. Police said about 400 people took part in a pro-Palestinian demonstration.

Around 2,500 people also gathered in the Neukölln district of Berlin on Saturday in the early afternoon, marching to the district's town hall waving Palestinian flags. It was one of three pro-Palestinian demos that had been registered in the German capital.

The rallies have been organized as Israel's bombardment of the Gaza Strip and rocket attacks against Israel by Hamas intensify.

At least 136 people, including 34 children, have been killed in the blockaded Palestinian territory since hostilities erupted on Monday. Nine people in Israel have been killed. Hundreds have been injured on both sides.

Saturday's pro-Palestinian protests also mark Nakba Day, as Palestinians call the "catastrophe" of Israel's creation in 1948.


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