Tehran (IP): Iran's President called the coronavirus a national, human, and moral issue that should not be politicized as a tool for any party and factional issues or election.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at a meeting of the National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus on Saturday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that in Iran and other countries, the death toll was mainly related to people older than 60 years of age or the ones with underlying diseases.

He added: "It is on such a basis that we have prioritized them. So our priority is to reduce the death toll, but more effort needs to be done to prevent transmission. If we want to break the transmission chain, vaccination must be developed, and 70% of people should use this vaccine."

The President underlined: "We hope that vaccination will be carried out in Iran by the end of this Iranian year (March 20, 2022). Part of it will be done in this government's tenure and the other part in the next government, and we will reach the point that everyone's desires are fulfilled."

Stressing that the coronavirus issue is a national, human, and moral one, Rouhani urged the corona issue should not be exploited as a political tool for dealing with the party and factional issues or for election. This is a national issue and we should all work and go hand in hand to get rid of this virus as soon as possible."


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