Iran and Norway emphasized promoting oceanic cooperation.

Norway's envoy to Iran Lars Nordrum and Head of National Institute of Oceanography and Atmospheric Science Behrouz Abtahi called for developing oceanic cooperation.

During the meeting, Abtahi elaborated on Iran research ship and National Institute of Oceanography and Atmospheric Science scientific and research activities.

He also expressed readiness for establishing cooperation with Norwegian scientific and research centers in oceanic and maritime sciences fields.

Meanwhile, Nordrum elaborated on the importance of maritime resources and environment as Norway’s priorities.

 Issues such as pollution of marine environments, including plastic pollution in the seas, crayfish breeding, energy recovery from the sea and desalinators, how to cooperate in the field of research and training in marine science and technology, etc. it placed.

Iranian official was also invited to participate in a water conference which is slated to be held by Norway's supports in July 5 in Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).