Tehran (IP) - Any presence of foreign military forces in the region, not only does not maintain and strengthen the security of the region, but they themselves cause threats and insecurity, Iran's parliament speaker said.

Iran Press/Iran news: Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf said on Wednesday at the virtual conference "The Persian Gulf is our home" held at the Supreme National Defense University, "The presence of foreign troops in the region, led by the United States, disrupts security and destroys economic opportunities both in the region and outside the area."

He said: "Today if there is a gap between the north and south of the Persian Gulf, it is because of the presence of American forces in the region. They have come to create various phenomena in the region to create and control trends."

Ghalibaf added: "Strong Iran showed in practice that it never allowed the US to penetrate in the north of the Persian Gulf and the Islamic Republic cut off its hand from the north of the Persian Gulf and we hope that the countries of the region will work together to cut off the US feet from the region."


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