Lebanon top official:

Tehran (IP) - Lebanon's caretaker Prime Minister, has expressed concern about the risk of his country's collapse due to widespread and unresolved crises, including government formation.

Iran PressMiddle East: During his visit to Qatar and meeting with officials, Hassan Diab called on Arab countries to stand by Lebanon, referring to the country's unresolved crises.

Referring to Qatar's stand by the Lebanese government in 2006 and helping it rebuild war-torn areas after the Israeli army invaded, Diab said: "We warn the Arab brothers that Lebanon is in danger and that the country can no longer wait."

Diab reiterated the Lebanese people's expectations for immediate assistance from Arab countries.

Earlier, Hassan Diab warned of the complicated situation in Lebanon in the face of problems such as the lack of a government cabinet and the economic crisis caused by the explosion of the port of Beirut.

Since last summer, Lebanon has been without a government when the port of Beirut witnessed a huge and devastating explosion and was run by the Diab, who also resigned after the explosion and increased pressure.

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri was finally elected to form Lebanon's new government on October 22, 2020, but he has failed to form a cabinet.


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