ISLAMABAD (IP) - On the eve of his visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan's Foreign Minister stressed Iran's prominent and undeniable role in the Afghan peace process, saying: "Pakistan is determined to cooperate with Iran."

Iran press/ Asia: The upcoming visit to Iran is very important to discuss developments in Afghanistan, Mahmood Hussain Qureshi told a news conference at the Pakistani Consulate in Dubai on the sidelines of a visit to the UAE on Sunday.

He called the Islamic Republic of Iran the brother country of Pakistan and an important player in the region, adding: "We are aware of Tehran's position on Afghanistan and are determined to cooperate with Tehran in this regard."

Referring to the four official visits of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to Pakistan since the beginning of Imran Khan's government, Qureshi said: "Iran, as a neighbor of Afghanistan, is eager to play a role in helping to resolve the crisis in this country."

Welcoming the resolution of disputes between members of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, he stressed: "Pakistan has good relations with Islamic countries and supports the maintenance of peace and stability in the region."

Pakistani Foreign Minister's regional visit to four countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, began yesterday with the agenda of strengthening bilateral relations and consensus to advance the Afghan peace process.

Pakistani Foreign Minister is scheduled to travel to Tehran, Doha, and Ankara, respectively, after Abu Dhabi; The visit, which coincides with US President Joe Biden's decision to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by 9/11, is crucial.

He is expected to arrive in Tehran on Tuesday.