Tehran (IP) - Tehran’s Governor-General stated that fighting the novel virus was a political commitment, which Tehran has done with the Judiciary, IRGC, Red Crescent Society's cooperation Medical Science Universities.

Iran PressIran News:  Anoushiravan Mohseni Bandpay said that Tehran was a role model for many cities combating COVID-19.

Mohseni Bandpay added that the world was challenging with the coronavirus pandemic and was in critical circumstances even the US has vaccinated over 50 percent.

The first and most important step to take is to increase hospital beds to admit infected patients, he stressed.

People must be fully informed and educated on containing COVID-19 and complying with hygiene protocols, said Tehran's Governor-General.

A patient guidance headquarters should be set up so that patients do not become confused about hospitalization, and the capacity of hospitals must also be increased, noted the official.

Vaccination should be done in proportion to treat the medical and hospital staff, although Tehran's share is not sufficient, he said.

To contain the disease properly, 24- and 16-hour treatment centers should be increased to provide medical services to people, said Anoshiravan Mohseni Bandpay.

Coherence and coordination are very important to control the COVID-19, plus reassuring people in the disease control process, highlighted Tehran's Governor-General, Anoshiravan Mohseni Bandpey.

The main focus is on implementing all the coronavirus pandemic restrictions as fully as possible, said the official.

Tehran Taskforce for combating Coronavirus meeting chaired by Anoshiravan Mohseni Bandpey with the Governors of Tehran province, held in Tehran on 12th Apr 2021, the latest medical, security, traffic measures, vaccine injection, and imposing fines for those who do not comply with health protocols were discussed.


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