Belgrade (IP) - The head of Iran-Serbia's parliamentary friendship group, referring to the good parliamentary cooperation between the two countries, says Belgrade-Tehran relations are friendly and strong.

Iran Press/Europe: In a meeting with Iranian Ambassador to Belgrade Rashid Hassanpour on Tuesday, Jasmina Karanac thanked Iran for its principled approach to respecting the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of countries and called for continued and enhanced interaction and cooperation in international forums.

Jasmina Karanac stressed the need to find creative mechanisms to expand economic-trade cooperation symmetrical with political relations under sanctions.

 The head of Serbia's parliamentary friendship group congratulated Iran on its success in developing an indigenized vaccine and stressed its country's readiness for health cooperation, especially in the development of the corona vaccine.

Referring to Serbia's success in fighting the coronavirus and vaccinating its citizens, the Iranian ambassador welcomed and supported the interaction and cooperation with Iran in these fields, especially vaccines' development.

He said: "Iran's principled policy is to support the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of all countries to maintain peace, stability and security, and has refused to politicize this issue."

The two sides also stressed the need to develop cooperation in science, technology and forestry.


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