Iran protests IPU virtual meetings' platform

Tehran (IP) - Chairman of the Executive Council of the World IPU in Iran's Parliament, protested against misusing the platform type in holding the virtual meetings of the World Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Iran PressIran news: The World Inter-Parliamentary Union, in cooperation with the United Nations, is scheduled to hold a virtual meeting on women on Tuesday.

Due to the American platform used in the meeting and the unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic, female members of Iran's Islamic Consultative Assembly cannot participate in this meeting.

In a message to the secretary-general of the IPU, Ahmad Naderi noted that one of the basic principles of the Union had been to ensure the free and full participation of all parliament members in all activities of the Union and called for an immediate review and removal of the restriction.

He called on the IPU Secretariat to take immediate action to resolve this serious problem, which would certainly impede the free and full participation of members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in virtual events.


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