US President says it will be tough to withdraw the remaining US troops in Afghanistan by May 1 as It was agreed by the Trump administration.

Iran Press/America: In an interview with ABC's Good Morning America, Biden said he was "in the process" now of determining when the forces will leave.

"The fact is that, that was not a very solidly negotiated deal that the former US president worked out. And so we're in consultation with our allies as well as the government, and that decision's going to b, it's in the process now," Biden said.

According to US media, former US President Donald Trump agreed with the Taliban last year to pull U.S. troops from the country in exchange for commitments on peace talks and other issues. At that time, there were more than 12,000 troops there, down from a peak of more than 100,000 in 2011.

Currently, 2,500 troops remain, although The New York Times reported last week that there were as many as 1,000 more Special Operations forces also in the country.

Asked how long U.S. troops could remain in Afghanistan, Biden said, "I don't think a lot longer," saying the May 1 deadline "could happen, but it is tough." 219