Qazvin (IP)- The second dose of COVID vaccine was injected in Qazvin's BuAli Sina Hospital, northwest of the country.

Iran PressIran News: About 30 members of BuAli Sina Hospital's ICU staff, caring for the coronavirus-infected patients, were vaccinated on Saturday and Sunday, thus reaching the total number of the vaccinated people to about 1,500.

A number of the hospital's staff told Iran Press News Agency that after they received the vaccine, they did experience no serious side effects but a slight headache and fever which were normal. 

They asked people to observe health protocols.

The first phase of COVID-19 vaccination in Iran got started with the injection of Russian vaccines and other foreign ones, with the second and third phases of the national plan to be done with home-made vaccines.

According to a report by the Spokesman of Iran's National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus on Saturday, so far, 410,000 doses of Russian vaccine Sputnik V, 250,000 doses of Chinese Sinofarm vaccine, 125,000 doses of vaccine from India's Bharat, and 100,000 doses of Cuban vaccine been imported to Iran.


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