Tehran (IP) - Iran's President noted that the danger of a fourth corona wave had not yet been ruled out and in case of not following the health protocols for two weeks of Nowruz holiday all the statistics would be changed.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking at the meeting of the National Task Force Combatting Coronavirus held on Saturday Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani appreciated all the medical staff of the IRGC and Basij, the army, the police, and all those who had been responsible for monitoring and taking measures to fight the virus.

Rouhani also extended his special appreciation to Iran’s Minister of Health and Medical Education who worked fairly around the clock.

He added: "I know what a very difficult job we have had for more than a year. From the end of February last year until today, these efforts are still ahead of us next year, and I hope we can overcome this situation as soon as possible.”

The President also thanked the Minister of the Interior that has been constantly following and assisting the anti-COVID-19 campaign.

Rouhani noted that all the medical staff really sacrificed and defended the people with their lives, skills, experience, knowledge, facilities, and with their own lives, saying: "The sincere, faithful and self-sacrificing defenders withstood at this very critical period."

He noted: "We send greetings to the pure souls of those who were martyred in this way, and those who have been sick for a long time and recovered. We are also grateful to them who endured the sufferings and hardships in these difficult days."

The President, also warned that the danger of the fourth wave is not eliminated and exists, saying: "So far, efforts and care have been made and we have not entered this wave in the country, but this danger may occur at any moment."

Calling Nowruz a special day with people being more active inside and outside, Rouhani called for taking more care through wearing a mask avoiding hugs, and shake hands in meeting friends and families.


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