Vienna (IP) - Iran's ambassador and permanent representative to the Vienna-based international organisations stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran's fight against narcotics was a real fight based on high moral and human values.

Iran PressEurope: Kazem Gharibabadi raised this issue at a meeting of the "International Measures and Achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Narcotics Control Area" held by Drug Control Headquarters in Vienna.

The main statements, a copy of which was made available to the media in London, are as follows:

1. The wide range of actions taken at the international level and the development of the international literature on narcotics control confirm the fact that narcotics are a dynamic and complex global challenge and problem, and there is no escape from the collective cooperation and coordination of countries to combat that in order to ensure the well-being and health of communities in this regard. This fact has been recognized in international documents, stressing the principle of shared responsibility in combating this global dilemma.

 2. The Islamic Republic of Iran, due to its proximity to the largest producer of traditional narcotics, has been affected by this global problem more than any other country and is involved in the domestic and international dimensions of narcotics, and therefore, Iran, stressing the issue, has been aware of the need to strengthen regional and international cooperation in this regard.

3. The wide and continuous range of measures taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the past four decades in the fight against international drug trafficking has been confessed by Drug and Crime Control Headquarters and the International Narcotics Control Board.

4. Irrespective of Iran's role in establishing some regional and international cooperation initiatives and hosting the regional office of the most important international organization, the United Nations, concerning narcotics control, the Islamic Republic of Iran has prevented narcotics from entering global drug markets alone more than the total number of countries in the world in consecutive years. Iran has more than 3,800 martyrs and thousands of wounded individuals; many police and law enforcement forces of the country lost their lives. A lot of money has been spent by Iran in this regard, and large transit shipments of opium have been confiscated.

5. Although the global fight against narcotics and psychotropic substances has declined over the past year due to the limitations caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the number of drug detection by the Islamic Republic of Iran has not decreased, and there has been a growth of more than 40% resulting in the detection of the unprecedented volume of 1147 tons of drugs in 2020.

6. The Islamic Republic of Iran's fight against narcotics is a real fight based on high moral and human values. However, it is unfortunate that the relevant international organisations and the countries claiming their shared responsibility in addressing this global dilemma have not acted, and their support has fallen victim to political approaches.

7. Meanwhile, unilateral sanctions act as a major obstacle in strengthening capacity building and promoting the country's efforts and measures to combat drug transit. The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a country that is among the major narcotics producers in transit route and has suffered heavy human and financial losses, seriously expects the international community and developed countries to address and put on the agenda the issue of narcotics control regardless of political considerations, and act on their joint responsibility to provide the necessary assistance. Undoubtedly, the advantages of this cooperation will benefit all countries and not just the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 8. The policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in addressing the global problem of narcotics is a comprehensive policy focusing on prevention, combating and treatment. Taking unique measures in the field of global fight against drug trafficking and recording the highest possible records in the detection and seizure of various types of drug shipments worldwide, Iran has taken important steps in the field of demand reduction, as well as in the fields of treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.


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