Tehran (IP) - Secretary-General of the Islamic Republic of Iran Drug Control Headquarters said that despite the difficult situation caused by the coronavirus outbreak in the world and the US sanctions against Iran, 1,200 tons of narcotics were discovered in 2020.

Iran PressIran news: Brigadier-General Eskandar Momeni stated that this volume of drugs was sent to European countries, which was 41% more than before the coronavirus outbreak.

Momeni added: "This shows that the efforts made by all countries have decreased in the fight against drugs except those by Iran amid the coronavirus pandemic."

There were some Iranian martyrs, dozens of veterans, and a number of wounded people in the global fight against drugs this year, he noted.

Momeni highlighted that Iran had achieved great success in the areas of prevention, treatment, empowerment, and reduction of drug harm by implementing the "Helpers of Life" project.

He explained that a new approach to treatment and the introduction of new drugs was one of Iran's great achievements in the fight against drugs.

Secretary-General of the Islamic Republic of Iran Drug Control Headquarters pointed out: "Last year, the United Nations named 'Iran's National Center for Studies on Addiction' as a research and treatment Center."

Brigadier General Eskandar Momeni noted that Tehran maintains more than 15,000 addicts by all world standards, and this had prevented a major catastrophe to occur in terms of coronavirus outbreaks.

Momeni stressed that the way to save humanity from this ominous problem was for the whole world to resolutely and honestly fight against this phenomenon by adhering to its international obligations and conventions.

Highlighting that saving a human being equals saving a society, he underlined that these have been achieved due to the religious, cultural, and historical teachings of Iran as well as the individuals' beliefs.

Speaking at the same meeting, Chief of Iran's Presidential Staff Mahmoud Vaezi noted that all officials and organizations are involved in fighting against narcotics.

He said it is an important issue for Iran since the neighbors of the country are producing and distributing narcotics.

"Iran is not the final destination for drug trafficking. It is only a gateway, and in terms of the coronavirus outbreak and sanctions, Iran can no longer prevent the shipment of narcotics to other countries. Iran requires the support of other countries," Vaezi concluded.


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